Possible Detox Effects


Cold feeling Because the body becomes totally relaxed, the blood moves away from the extremities and goes towards the center of the body.

Funny taste in the mouth Reflexology promotes the body to cleanse itself of all toxins. The poor taste in the mouth could be a result of this cleansing.

Perspiration This is another way that the body disposes toxins. The body could also be releasing excess fluids.

Mucus It could be related to a clogged sinus, ileo-cecal valve, or small intestine that the body is trying to detoxify. The gall bladder could be increasing the amount of bile it is secreting into the small intestine causing loose bowel movements

Diarrhea (or frequent bowel movements) From the stimulation of either the liver,m gall bladder, or the digestive tract,this may normalize bowel activity. This stimulation can also cause a cleansing activity, allowing the body to excrete toxins through the feces.

Tiredness the body's reaction to a reflexology session causes it to switch into parasympathetic activity to rest and repair itself. The body does most of its repairing while we are sleeping.

Nausea and Headache The body is trying to cleanse the toxins, especially in the liver and the bowels. This could be a side effect of this cleansing.

Greatly energized Since the body is cleansing itself, it will run "cleaner" Think of reflexology as a "re-set button" for organ functions.

Eyes watering Due to the cleansing of the lachrymal glands in the eyes.

Release of pain Because the nervous system is switching into parasympathetic activity the nerves are relaxed and aren't irritating the muscles. Reflexology also helps to relax the muscles, this in turn eases pain.

Temporary rash Toxins are released through the skin, which is the body's largest elimination organ. Some people may be sensitive to these toxins.

Gas release Releasing gas is another form of toxin elimination. Reflexology helps improve the stomach and bowel functions which may result in burping or flatus.

Improved urination The relaxation of the muscles in the urinary tract could cause a temporary increase in urine flow. The urinary system may be normalized, or improved urination could be a result of lymph drainage.

Improved digestion A reflexology treatment activates parasympathetic nervous system activity and enables better digestion of food to take place.

Understanding the healing crisis and Hering's law of cure
Cleansing reactions or detoxification are adjustments made by the body to purge waste material from within. The elimination of stored toxins, some times called a healing crisis, is part of the body's healing process. During a healing crisis the body's waste products are facilitated for removal from the body through:
1) the digestive system as stools
2)the urinary system as urine
3) the skin as perspiration.
Some uncomfortable symptoms may occur during a healing crisis:
general fatigue aches and pains;such as headaches, low back pain
skin discharge; unusual sweating and body odours
frequent urination, diarrhea or constipation
fever or feeling of coldness
temporary cessation of menstruation or sexual desire
mental irritability
restless dreams

Detoxing bath
Another way to eliminate toxins through the skin is a detoxing bath. Soak for half an hour in a hot bath to which 2 cups of either baking soda (which will help neutralize the acids of the toxins), or Epsom salts (which give the water a higher ion content than the body so it draws the fluids, with the toxins, out of the body.
**Note: Very important to drink a couple of glasses minimum of filtered water during this time to replenish the loss. Do not use Epsom salts with a rash. For dry skin grind 2 cups of rolled oats and add to the bath.

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